Qatar is now a Creative Commons destination. On May 31, in the presence of over 600 guests, creative artists and VIPs, the international non-profit organization’s Qatar chapter was launched at the Museum of Islamic Arts.

There was blaring music, good food and some of the best creative minds in Qatar, all gathered at the same venue. Al Jazeera Network’s Director General Wadah Khanfar was there to speak about the TV channel’s initiatives in making its content available for the wider public around the world. They also disclosed plans to sponsor programmes that help promote Creative Commons across the Arab world.

Wadah Khanfar, Al Jazeera Network Director General

Creative Commons helps maximise the creative benefits of the Internet. Its flexible content-rights licenses complement traditional copyrights and reflect the realities of the digitally connected world. These licenses encourage content creators to share their work more openly to increase collaboration and innovation, while still maintaining the creators’ rights.

The works of more than 20 bloggers, photographers and graphics artists were displayed during the launch event. Mohamed Nairooz, whose photographs were displayed at the launch, believes being part of Creative Commons helped him expand his horizons.

Brian Wesolowski

“By joining Creative Commons, I was able to share my works with a bigger community and get their feedbacks. It helped me formulate fresh ideas and I’m indebted to the new movement. I wish to continue in Creative Commons and make my work available to a bigger audience,” he said.

Several workshops are being planned by Creative Commons Qatar over the next few months. There are also plans for them to work closely with organisations to encourage the use of its licenses on works including original content, research and data.

More information about Creative Commons Qatar as well as about some of the local works done under Creative Commons licences can be seen at Creative Commons can be followed on Facebook at and Twitter @ccqatar.

– Taita TS

Images courtesy of Omar Chatriwala

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