It’s typical for every girl to not be able to leave the house without any makeup on – welcome to the 21st century! Fatima Al Naqi is finally giving the chance for all Kuwaiti girls to learn how to apply makeup, the right way, by establishing the first Makeup Academy in Kuwait: FNaqi Institute and FNaqi Makeup Academy. After intense courses, from Album Covers to Photoshoots – Fatima brings it all out under one roof. Khaleejesque managed to get an exclusive interview with the makeup artist before the launch of her upcoming Academy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up in a family that had a penchant for art, from interior design to music to fashion. I used to watch my mom draw and design clothes as well as mix different eyeshadow colors and create new amazing colors. I love everything about art,noticing every detail and any unique thing that catches my eye.

How did you get into the work of makeup?

I used to try and create a new look for every occasion by doing my own makeup and experimenting with new styles.  Then I started to do makeup for my friends and relatives as well as joining Al-Jothen Makeup Courses and taking different workshops locally. After graduating from university,  I went to London and enrolled in intensive courses with different schools, such as the Jemma Kidd Makeup School and the Beauty Base School of Fashion and Makeup as well as taking a 6 month diploma from the Elite Makeup School in Spain. My passion for makeup didnt stop there and I kept searching for the best makeup artists in the world and took private training sessions with many like Gozra Lozano and others.

What is your makeup niche?

My niche is doing fashion, as well as bridal makeup and makeup for special occasions.

How long have you been in this industry?

I've been in the industry for 4 years now.

What projects have you participated in (photoshoots, album covers, events) ?

I've participated in different photo shoots such as those of Closet Candy and Haifa Kaftans. I've also participated in a book cover for a celebrity makeup artist and photographer in London, Gozra Lozano.

Closet Candy shoot

What inspired you to open the first makeup academy in Kuwait ?

I'm inspired by runways, fashion and theatre makeup. It's been my dream to do that in Kuwait and to reach that level of creativity for makeup and art.

What will the Makeup Academy provide ?

It  will provide simple makeup classes, intensive one to one classes, classes for beginners and in the future special effects makeup.

What products will you be using ?

I will be using RMK makeup which is a new Japanese makeup line.

Any makeup tips you can share with our readers ?

Always blend, blend and blend the colors in to your skin.

Where do u see the Academy in 5 years?

I see my academy and students participating in the most important fashion shows around the world such as those in London, Paris and New York.

For more information on the FNaqi Institute and FNaqi Makeup Academy, check out their website and follow Fatima on Twitter @FALNAQI.

– Deema Al-Fuwaires

Image Credits: FNaqi Institute and FNaqi Makeup Academy

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