Ever the developing creative city, Dubai is home to a brand new gallery once again. Lawrie Shabibi was founded in March 2011 by William Lawrie (former head of sale for Christie’s Middle East) and Asmaa Al-Shabibi (previously managing director at Art Dubai) and is housed in a stunning 3000 square foot warehouse in Dubai’s Al-Quoz industrial district. The gallery’s mission is to promote the works of relevant, innovative contemporary artists, primarily from the Arab world, Iran, North Africa, South Asia and Turkey, engaging the public with art that imparts a cultural and political discourse together with a powerful aesthetic.

The gallery offers a stimulating and diverse programme working with established names Selma Gürbüz and Nabil Nahas, as well as promoting and supporting ‘emerging’ artists. Lawrie Shabibi also provides art advisory services to discerning collectors looking to acquire pieces of modern and contemporary artwork from the region, drawing on its directors’ previous expertise.

“Both William and I have made the understanding and promotion of art from the wider Middle East, Iran, South Asia and Turkey region our mission in previous professional roles, and Lawrie Shabibi now enables us to highlight work from emerging artists as well as established masters,” said Asmaa Al Shabibi, director of Lawrie Shabibi.

Their current show (until 8 June, 2011) is Full Metal Jacket by Shahpour Pouyan. Pouyan is one of the most exciting new artists at work in Iran, his works typically merging lyrical Persian motifs with a contemporary commentary about domination and possession through the force of culture. In the exhibition, Pouyan presents five new major installation works produced by worked closely with traditional armourers and metal-smiths, taking intricately decorated armour and antique-style military helmets and morphing them into modern day weapons. Complementing these works are paintings from two related series of paintings by Pouyan, his Hooves and his Towers. In both series, Pouyan juxtaposes an aggressive dominant form with intricately worked decoration reminiscent of Persian miniature painting, and in so doing continues to explore notions of power, wealth and beauty.

Lawrie Shabibi will continue to offer a full programme of exhibitions, including a summer exhibition in June entitled HEROES & VILLAINS that embodies Lawrie Shabibi’s commitment to presenting a diverse range of artistic talent from the wider Middle East region.

For more information visit www.lawrieshabibi.com.

The gallery is located at: Alserkal Avenue, Unit 21, Al-Quoz , Dubai

Opening Hours:  10am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday. Saturdays 11am – 4pm

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