Zahed Sultan is a “Social Entrepreneur” with a dynamic portfolio of creative ventures. Through mediums such as music, film, online, print, & more, Zahed strives to inspire differentiation in others and pushes the envelope on pre-conceived routes to achievement. Branching from interesting parentage,(An Indian mother and a Kuwaiti father), Zahed Sultan’s musical taste is eclectic and a stray away from conventional music. His success in music dates back to 2004 when world-renowned house music label Global Underground and DJ Sasha awarded Zahed 3rd place for the Involver Remix Competition. Zahed’s music was later signed alongside DJ Sasha to America’s no.1 TV hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Season 4. Khaleejesque got together with this inspiring Kuwaiti Music Artist and discussed his musical stint so far.

What sparked your interest in music?
Since childhood, music has always played a pivotal role in my life – for no justifiable reason. In essence, the power of music to do so much by saying so little is what draws me to it as a medium.

How did you break through in the field of music?
I have a long road ahead before I break into music – as an industry. I keep reminding myself that creating a name for yourself in music is like establishing a new company – it doesn’t happen overnight. But, by etching a sound and presence that is uniquely my own, tactfully building a global following and then re- engaging them with interactive content, I am confident that I can make it in the foreseeable future.

Why did you choose to spread your music online as opposed to the traditional channels of distribution?
Through early 2011, a handful of Arab countries have successfully lead revolutions to better their livelihood through social media / an online presence – the least I could do is attempt to do the same (within the context of music that is).

How effective was this non-conventional social media usage to spread your
The advent of social media and e-platforms has put a wealth of capabilities in users’ hands. Over the next 6 months, I will be categorically launching user-driven marketing and promotions activities (online) to build and engage a global following. The e-platforms I have chosen to utilize, equip me with tools and analytics to measure the effectiveness of my activities (ie. This insight guides me as to what I’m doing right and wrong so I can adapt accordingly). Its a meticulous, detailed oriented journey that requires dedication and a trustworthy team to go the distance. To date though, I’m yielding promising results.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in the music field so far?
In late 2004, I entered a remix competition in LA and won 3rd place. The competition was organized by world renowned house music record label Global Underground and an A-list DJ, Sasha. Sasha’s manager later went on to sign my music alongside Sasha’s to the no.1 TV show in America Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), Season 4, 4 × 4 Episode.

What’s in the future for Zahed Sultan?
Interactive Visual Music (I’ll leave the rest to your imagination..)

For more information on Zahed Sultan, check out his websiteTwitter, or Facebook Page.

-Khaleejesque Staff

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