At the age of 21, Shaila Sabt was crowned “Bahrain’s Top Model 2010”. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree and Honors in Human Resources from the New York Institute, Shaila Sabt is enthusiastic, talented and a delight to interview. Khaleejesque’s Fajer Al-Zallaqi got together with Shaila to discuss her professional career and life.

So you’re a graduate of Human Recourses which is completely different from your profession as a model. Does that clash with your modeling career so far?

Modeling is a passion which I will always be doing. As for my career I have future plans at my sister’s newly opened Production & Distribution Company where I will be responsible for the Human Resource Department. Hence, there is a difference between the two but I plan to keep up with both.

How did you start modeling?

Ever since I was young, I have always had a side which leaned towards dressing up & posing! My mum has noticed my driftage towards modeling,and took me to a family friend who was a fashion designer. He happened to be extremely generous and taught me how to walk the catwalk and a few things about fashion shows. Later on, I modeled in small projects during school & university. After graduation I was chosen for the cover of “Bahrain This Month”; my first real modeling job. Ever since then, modeling became much more serious to me.

What is modeling in your opinion?

Modeling is art and everything about it includes art, starting from the very piece of fabric I’m wearing to the catwalk on the runway. Modeling is a professional performance.

You are an Arab living in the GCC, a somewhat conservative region, how do you see the fashion and modeling world regionally?

We’ve become very much open towards fashion which is becoming everyone’s interest. And GCC countries have their own fashion style which will never lose its identity and values.

Can you tell us more about the “Bahrain Top Model” pageant?

“Bahrain Top Model” was held in June 2010. The event was a 6 month long event where the audience voted for who would be crowned Top Model. A panel of referees were responsible for screening, assortment & vote counting. The voting was ongoing & every week the contestant with the least amount of votes was eliminated. It was a lot of pressure but it was one of the best moments of my life; a great experience. My family & friends all had faith in me, without their love and support I wouldn’t have done this.

Who do you consider your role model?

Penelope Cruz.

As Bahrain’s Top Model, we are sure Bahrain must be very proud of you. But you must have dreams, what are they and how you’d like to carry on Bahrain’s name in future in your profession?

My dream is to become an international model and carry along the name of my country Bahrain.

Anything about modeling you would like to deliver to the world from a Female Arab’s model point of view?

Beauty comes from the inside out, so when you want it to show make sure you project it in a good light.

Khaleejesque would like to thank Shaila Sabt for her time and would love to wish her the best of luck in her future ventures.

-Fajer Al-Zallaqi


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