Masdar City is hopefully how most future cities in the region will look like. A modern Arabian city in tune with its surroundings, Masdar City is a model of a sustainable urban development which offers the highest quality living and working environment. Best of all, it aims to do all that with the lowest possible ecological footprint.

At first glance Masdar City seems like a futuristic community that relies on renewable energy for survival instead of taking the typical oil and gas approach. What makes it so inspiring is that the city is in constant evolution; cutting-edge cleantech research and development, pilot projects, technology testing, and construction on some of the world’s most sustainable buildings are all ongoing. As such, Masdar City offers a fertile environment that inspires creativity and growth to organizations operating in this strategic and dynamic sector.

Taking every single detail into account, the Master Plan is planned in such a way to minimize solar heat and enhance cool nighttime breezes. Narrow streets are used to create natural shade and all areas of the city are in close proximity for convenience and transportation. Future redidents, students and retail goers will definitely be impressed by this sustainable city. So what does Masdar City include? The first part of the built environment is the Masdar Institute for Science and Technology, which focuses on alternative energy and sustainability in the region. The retail, hotel and conference, residential, research and development facilities are all under way and the completed Masdar City is planned to be delivered in 2013.

A great development indeed, Masdar City serves as an open technology platform that gives partner companies an unmatched opportunity to develop, test and validate their technologies in a large scale, real-world environment – and in particular, with consideration to the region’s climate conditions and consumption patterns.

Masdar City will be hosting it's first event 'The Market @ Masdar City'  on April 29. Be sure to visit the event and take a look around the very inspiring city. For more details of the event, click here.

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