In our mission to bridge Khaleeji Culture, inspire, and enlighten our readers, we’ve introduced a new series of articles. Titled Panorama, these articles will spotlight and feature a mix of different Khaleeji personalities from the Gulf and give you a sneak peak into their world. If you’d like to nominate someone to showcase on Panorama, please email us at

This week's panorama participant is the first Qatari Stand-up Comedian Mohammed Fahad Kamal.

1) Tell us a little about yourself and what you do…

My name is Mohammed Fahad Kamal a business junior in Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. I started comedy two years ago when I was a freshmen in CMUQ. It all started with me standing in front of my classmates and imitating professors or saying a really funny comment during class. And since I was a child it was my passion to stand in front of a group of people and entertain. Then I started doing stand-up in different events inside of Education City with hopes and dreams that maybe someday I can perform outside of EC.

2) What would you say is your best Accomplishment till now?

I had many accomplishments so far. One of the biggest accomplishments is taking part in the 3rd Amman Comedy Festival and sharing the stage with famous Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, Dean Obeidalla, Aron Kader, Larry Omaha and Edwin Saun Juan.

3) If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?

I would definitely be nothing other than a stand-up comedian who is trying to bring entertainment here in Qatar to a different level.

4) How do you try to overcome destructive criticism?

Well I try as hard as I can to be funny. No really, I put a lot of effort into presenting my material in such a way that it is not offending to anyone from any culture.

Of course there are people who criticized me by saying that this is not part of the culture and the traditions. My job is not to convince people to appreciate comedy, I am a performer, it is up to the audience to be open minded and to understand that comedy is all about laughing and making fun of yourself and your own culture. Simply, for those who do not appreciate comedy, I say to them “just do not attend the show."

5) Who’s one person you look up to regionally and internationally?

My dad. I always look up to him because he is the most hard working individual on planet earth. He lives to work, he even works on Saturdays! If I can work half of the time he does, I would be one of the greatest comedians ever.

6) Who's your favorite Comedian?

I have a lot of favorite comedians, but my all time favorite comedian is Russell Peters. He is hilarious. I also admire the work of Dane Cook and Chris Rock.

7) What do you like most about your hometown Doha?

I like the fact that I can get high quality education in Doha without having to travel all the way to the U.S. or Europe.

8) Where in your opinion are the best places locally in Doha:

* To eat? The Spice Market in W hotel. They have the best chicken breast ever. And you know what they say… once you eat chicken breasts… you… yeah i don't really know what they say.

* To shop/people watch? Villaggio Mall has it all from high street to high-end stores, and lots of coffee shops and restaurants.

* Soak up culture? I can't think of a better place to be than Souk Waqif.

You can follow Mohammed on his Twitter page @moeka4, Facebook page and YouTube channel

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