Almost every designer relies on one muse, an obsession that inspires their designs. The idea that the consumer also relies on something to inspire their 'combinations', if you will, or their knack for styling themselves, has only recently popped into my head. We, the consumers, rely on our mood, the weather and much more, but the big impact, the Armageddon of them all is music.

I wake up in the morning (not feeling like P. Diddy – sorry Ke$ha) and combine all factors including weather and mood, and pick a song. Sometimes it's the opposite; I choose a radio station and sync myself into the song, which then inspires my mood. But all in all, whether it be rock 'n roll, funk, or fun pop, music always seeps into my styling. As cheesy as it gets, sometimes some rock 'n roll kicks up my courage for more liner, anything from the 60s down makes me feel like wearing red lipstick, some hilarious country inspires beachy wavy hair and the list goes on and on.

Runway shows are the perfect example. Without the music, the beauty of the aura for each design would not blow our socks off. Music chosen correctly for runway shows, makes you want to jump up and down or sway thinking “I love this song, and that (fill in the name of item) looks amazing”. It's supposed to be a complimentary relationship between design and song with neither overpowering the other. The perfect runway-to-music relationship? Victoria's Secret.

You might think that all this is just over thinking the simplicity of good music. But I have scientific proof. “Music elicits a multitude of human emotions because it works through the "limbic" system – the site of emotional synthesis. The limbic system controls a host of physiological functions which in turn facilitates the release of powerful hormones that can incite either joy or stress. For example music performed at 70 decibels (heavy metal or hard rock) stimulates the pituitary adrenal axis. This excitement induces the release of stress hormones… Which increases blood pressure, heart rate, and cerebral blood flow increasing cranial pressure.

By comparison, when relaxing music was played for patients with very fast heart rates (tachycardia), their heart rates were significantly reduced and equaled the 50-60 beats per minutes of the musical composition. By listening to "soothing" music, the neurotransmitters dopamine, beta-endorphins, and enkephalins induce tranquility, complacency, and relaxation in this study group.”

Coachella, the music festival, proves this theory. Looking through every Coachella celebrity paparazzi shot or just through the thousands of people in the audience, you see a shared sense of style, a chill vibe. Heels become a no-no, make-up is at its minimum and vintage inspired looks come out. If you're going to sit on grass all day (it's a music festival!) you might as well dress for comfort, but it is solely the music that ties it all together. Whether it is Madonna, Coldplay, or Tiesto, the feel is still shared. The audience looks like they dressed together at each event.

Every artist depicts a specific style, emitting a certain feeling that attaches itself to our moods which in turn inspires our style. I remember passing by an Evanescence concert, and feeling out of place, not only because I wasn't feeling goth, but because I wasn't decked out from head to toe in black.

It's become a cycle that I've grown to love. Music-Mood-Style. Now with scientific proof to back it up, we know that no matter who and where you are, music will forever move you, and affect your style.

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-Maha Al-Jallal

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