This trend is a dream come true for those of you who aren’t too big on the ostentatious. A chic outfit a la the girls of Paris is all it takes to look fresh and fashionable this season! Neutral colors, sheer pieces and simple silhouettes are a few of the key elements to look for within this trend.


Animal prints have always been huge in fashion and this season is no different. You could go for a leopard printed dress or coat if you’re daring enough or leopard printed leggings or a handbag if you're not too bold. It is really important to be very, very careful when picking out animal printed pieces of any kind because it so easy to go wrong with them. Keep it limited to one item of clothing only.

Capes & Ponchos

The perfect cover-up for all, these Blair Waldorf-esque pieces can be found in lots of different colors and materials all the way from simple camel tones to the more bright greens and deep blues. Pair them with fitted pants or fitted dresses for an uber classy, elegant look.


We fashionistas are always looking for a reason to throw on a gorgeous jacket and this trend fits the bill just right. Shearling jackets are all the rage this season. If you’re looking for something edgy and can’t let go of your fitted leather jackets from last fall, try a leather shearling jacket – they’re just as fierce and will keep you warmer. Think Amelia Earhart – jodhpurs, boots with fur lining, jumpsuits cinched at the waist – and take inspiration from the looks that were seen on the Hermes and Burberry runways.

Long and Loose

While we adored the fitted body-cons and bandage dresses that were seen all over the runways and the streets last season, we are equally open to long and loose maxi dresses and maxi skirts which are all fabulous right now. You could either go simple with a solid color or opt for bright colors or playful prints in these divine darlings.


This trend goes hand in hand with the aviator trend and the cape trend and the minimalist trend and – you get my point. Camel tone pieces have been seen on almost every Fall runway and we for one can’t wait to incorporate a few camel hued pieces into our fall wardrobes. Camel tone capes and coats are majorly popular this season, as are camel color accessories. Fitted pants in light shades of camels paired with fall's jackets look fabulous as well.


By: Alexis J.

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