Niftee has done it again; our favorite Emirati Fashion brand does not fail to impress with their great designs, and innovative styles.

Al-Joud Lootah, the creative designer behind Niftee, whom propelled this brand to success with her popular scarves,blankets and casual tees is now designing clothes. What started out as a graduation project in 2007 and which we featured a while back here(, Niftee has now carved a niche for itself in the Middle East Fashion Field.

A fascinating blend between the graphic design world and fashion, Niftee’s designs are not just aesthetically pleasing on the eyes, they are also considered art. It’s new added line of clothes include jumpsuits and maxi dresses created in a special Niftee pattern that is Arabesque inspired and printed on pure silk. Apart from being features in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia July/August edition, and creating headlines with the regional fashion crowd, they’ve also been flying off the shelves.

When asked about what inspired her with this capsule collection, Al-Joud said, “I am always inspired by the little things that surround me… things I encounter on a daily basis and the beauty of the Emirati heritage. I try to combine my inspirations, heritage and produce pieces in a modern way that would appeal to my target audience. Little things like a pattern on a butterfly’s wings, the colors of an iguana, the interiors of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a vintage piece in my mom’s closet or even the way a horse’s mane moves at a canter… I am easily amused and inspired.”

Al-Joud has big plans for Niftee, she is constantly trying to add new pieces or designs to the collections to keep people interested and Niftee a modern twist. She is currently working on a new website (totally different from the old one in terms of design and layout) where a shopping cart would be installed in it and people would be able to order online easily. Al-Joud is also studying the potential of stocking at different stores/boutiques in the region as opposed to selling Niftee products online through her website and maybe the possibility of adding non-apparel items to the brand.

With what we’ve seen so far, we say go ahead Al-Joud, we heart Niftee!

For more information log onto the Niftee official website or visit Niftee’s Facebook page here.


By: Khaleejesque Staff

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