Fashion is not just something aesthetic, on the contrary to Zeina Sultani-the designer behind Le Monde d’Ines- each piece is a work of art; a collection of thoughts and inspiration that culminates into a unified and perfectly proportioned result.

This romantically inclined designer translates her life experiences into chic and alluring fashion. Having lived in France most of her life, Zeina developed an affinity for the simplistic elegance and charm of Parisian sensuality. She spent years at the prestigious Sorbonne University absorbing her Sociology and Anthropology studies which have proved to be a valuable asset in her ability to identify human behavior and forecast fashion trends.

Prior to channeling her creativity into fashion, she immersed herself in several non-profit organizations including the United Nations and the World Labour Organization where she worked on women empowerment and education. Even today, Zeina strives to incorporate many of her values into Inès, promoting fair trade, and environmental and social causes.


Zeina took all those collective experiences and started Le Monde d’Inès with a line of Ballerina flats in 2009. That year ushered "the success of her pointy toe flats” which made her newly exposed collection stand out. According to Zeina, “The idea behind (the flat shoes) is to be very chic and sexy without being too obvious about it.” The success of her signature ballerina collection gave Zeina the opportunity to launch her debut delicate clothing line in the summer of 2010, which received outstanding recognition from both Middle Eastern press and buyers.

Her summer clothing line collection encompasses her unmistakable signature of style, comfort and modern romanticism consummated in a full line including clothes to complement the ballerinas; presenting an undeniably delicate femininity that is meticulously designed and fiercely independent.

Despite the blossoming reputation of Le Monde d’Ines, Zeina never lost sight of causes close to her heart ensuring her line promoted social responsibility as much as it did fashion.

Le Monde d’Ines can be found in the following locations:

* UAE: Sauce Boutiques, Les Galeries Lafayette, and Salam Studio.

* Kuwait: Mosaicu and Pink Moon Boutique.

* KSA: Cream Boutique in Jeddah.

* Online:

For more information on Le Monde D’Ines, check out their website

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