Inspired by the many cultural influences surrounding the Gulf, the Khaleeji girl embraces her Arabian roots, while merging them with other cultures that inspire her.

She is aware of global trends and fashions and she carefully and intricately weaves them into her own.

This is a modern girl's guide to cultural dressing. Merging contemporary with traditional. It's how we envision the Khaleejesque girl to dress. Embracing culture, but adding her own unique touches.

Special thanks goes out to dar.nur, Karkoosha, Closet Candy, Haifa Kaftans, The Yard and Shanta. Also, an extra special thank you to the lovely assistants Noor, Aisha, Hadaya and Rawan.

Photography and styling by: Alya N. Al-Othman and Fouz F. Al-Sabah

In this page: Lam dress (, all furniture and items from dar.nur

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