Imagine you’re taking a stroll one day and hunger pangs hit you smack in the middle of a street with no restaurant in sight. When along comes a double-decker, four-wheeled saviour, tooting enticingly and sending out wafts of an aroma that has you salivating.

This new concept of a ‘BUStaurant’ brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘meals on wheels.’ Having launched by World Fare catering in Los Angeles only last month, this funky new gimmick is proving to be quite the hit already.

If you think the idea in itself is a unique number, you should have a go at the cuisine served up within the confines of this two-tiered vehicle. Headed by chef Andi Van Willigan (head sous chef for Gordon Ramsay in ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’), this restaurant serves it’s customers a particular sort of South African cuisine called ‘bunny chow.’  Originally of Indian descent, this ‘genre’ of fare is in actuality pieces of hollowed out bread with an assortment of stuffing, served up in true gourmet style.

Gastro-critics and foodie bloggers are already raving about this new venture. And what’s not to love? One can indulge in what appears to be a mouth-watering three course meal atop a jazzed-up vintage double-decker bus while taking in the sights and sounds of the glorious city of LA.

It’s interesting to see that restaurateurs are now thinking outside the norms to appeal to the public. Besides, there’s no ruling that states that an eating establishment should be confined to the walls of solid ground. For as long as hygiene assessments are passed and safety standards met, on what basis can an innovation of the likes of this be questioned?

We in the Gulf can only wait until something like this rolls around the corner. And whenever it does, one might want to consider an additional umbrella or two to combat the problem of our harsh desert heat.


-Shaahima Fahim

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