Sunset Beach Resort- or as the locals call it “Sunset”- is a world-class resort tucked away in Al-Khobar city. It’s not just another beach resort in the Kingdom, but in fact most of the time you’re there you’ll forget you were on Saudi soil.

The resort spans over 500,000 square meters, and consists of landscaped lush gardens, a couple of man-made lakes with fountains in the middle surrounded with luxurious chalet-like accommodations, as well as entertainment and health facilities.  Sunset Beach resembles American “country clubs,” where the elite hang out and get together; it is the ultimate see and be seen hotspot in Shargeya. That is, only if you can afford and manage to get into this member-only resort.

Upon passing the front gate and rigid security checkpoint, it feels like another world. Members are known for their open-minded as well as easygoing attitude. It is like you get transformed into a more liberal and laidback place, where not only do the people change 180 degrees, but so does the landscape. Whoever thought there could be a couple of lakes in the Saudi desert?

The vision behind Sunset Beach Resort was to change the traditional concept of the "chalet" and go beyond that, thereby offering a unique “lifestyle” through first-class facilities and services; all of which were targeted to discerning array of clientele.

There is a private female only beach, where ladies can be more comfortable. The resort has its own marina where members can rent jet skis and jet boats as well as dock their own boats. Sunset also has a fun-packed water park for adults and kids alike. To cater to busybodies, the resort is also equipped with a spa where resort goers unwind and relax after a busy week.

When the sun is down, this is where the atmosphere gets more interesting. People dress up; some have light meals in the restaurants and coffee shops, while others party at the beach. Those looking for entertainment hang out in the bowling alley with beautiful lights and extra loud speakers.

Yes, all that is doable and allowed in Sunset. Sunset is certainly not a mirage.

For more information, visit their website.

– Eman Al-Hamdan.

Images courtesy of Sunset Beach KSA

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