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We all know of boutiques that sell clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. However, have you heard of a boutique catered to the design of layers, literally fabric layers for the purpose of beautifying a plain outfit? If not, then meet Hend and Lamia, the two masterminds behind the creation of Layers Boutique, a brand established a year ago for the purpose of innovation and creativity. Lamia obtained her degree in marketing and management but has always had a passion for sketching, while Hend studied English literature and psychology; with a true commitment to art and design. Taking part in an annual fashion show, where they designed clothes and sold them for the purpose of charity, was the boost of confidence and drive that was needed in order to start their own line.

Every woman has had her equal share of wardrobe dilemmas. No matter how many clothes a girl might feel she owns, there is always a sense of feeling lost and unsure regarding an outfit. Well worry no more! Thanks to Layers Boutique, you can now wear anything you desire, even the simplest of the simple, and touch it up with just one item for the final stroke of completion.

Layers boutique targets almost all age groups, and consists of clothing additions such as crop tops, evening gloves, capes and silk collars. What these creative women offer customers is what they themselves could never find in shops. Their first collection consisted of crop tops and sleeves made of pure soft cotton that are to be worn in various ways, either under a very low cut top or one of your jackets. While remaining trendy, classy, chic and conservative, Hend and Lamia are always offering their customers the one thing remaining to complete the perfect outfit.

With a mixture of Bahraini tradition, and up-to date modernity, Layers boutique offers a line of striking evening fingerless gloves known as the “Layers Naqda glove”.  They can be worn with any evening outfit for beautification and for that extra touch of glamour. The gloves are delicately and carefully accessorized with hammered studs either in gold or silver.

The “Layers slip” is one of the most unique creations, and the solution to every woman’s problem. Exhibiting ones femininity is usually done through nothing more than an attractive outfit. When you wear that beautiful dress and feel like you rule the world, sometimes, there is one small problem; your slip is exposed! Appreciation to Hend and Lamia for finding the solution to every woman’s dilemma through the creation of the Layers slip. A delicately designed silk and lace piece, the Layers slip doesn't look like a traditional slip, so that if it is accidentally exposed, there will be no worries.

The duo behind this successful business manages and runs all tasks as a partnership. They personally design and execute all their creations, and start by making samples and testing them in the market before any final production is done. Their inspirations and insights are influenced by their daily lives and all that surrounds them.

In addition to their love for fashion and success and for solving many wardrobe malfunctions, these two partners have other artistic hobbies. Lamia is interested in furniture and décor, while Hend loves to travel and visit art galleries in places such as Bahrain, London and Dubai.

For young entrepreneurs with a desire to boom but are hesitant, “Never stop to take a breath, do it as soon as you get the idea or else you will see your idea implemented the day after” say the young ladies. Sound advice, indeed.

Items from Layers Boutique can be found at J Boutique in Moda Mall Bahrain, and international orders are accepted. Website:

– Maya Moussa. Images: Layers Boutique

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