With an undying belief that “Mother Nature knows a secret or two about beauty,” Green Bar is the latest booming regional initiative; best of all it’s doing it all au natural. Taking advantage of all natural products straight from Mother Nature’s store cupboard, Green Bar, a Bahraini Cosmetics line, offers a range of treatment oils that not only moisturize and care for the body but also are free of preservatives and additives.

Khaleejesque got in touch with Reem Al-Khalifa, Green Bar’s Founder, and talked about the idea behind this fantastic naturally inclined brand.

What inspired you to start Green Bar? And how did you come about that?

I was inspired because I felt the Middle East was exotic, however I didn’t feel that it offered anything close to its potential. I wanted a fresh take on a lot of the things the region can agriculturally offer- my context and perspective is always fragrant.

Do you find that there is a demand for natural/green cosmetics in Bahrain and region?

Well I did not do it for the demand, and I certainly won't let the demand decide for me or limit me. I did this because I wanted to create it. With me it always has to be a personal drive, and when that is the case I feel like it usually is a good and relevant sign that I can proceed.

What are the benefits of natural cosmetics/oils as opposed to manufactured ones?

Nature is always generous. It’s a multi-tasker on many levels. Botanical oils have Phyto-nutrients, that’s just a fancy way for saying plant nutrients, and they accelerate cell turnover, in other words “they give your skin and cells good vibes”, provide balance and healing. The oils are a moisturizer, but not only that, they also help preserve your skin, and keep your joints well moist, they are also much healthier for your glands, and very supportive of skin activity, they don’t get in the way, they just balance things out. It’s a very holistic approach to moisturizing.

Are all the products made locally in Bahrain?

They are made in Bahrain and bottled here as well. However I source some of the Green Bar raw ingredients from many destinations. I have oils from Brazil, and others from Australia, however, I value what is available here, and I want to boost productivity in the region on many levels.

Do you have any plans of expanding further into different products?

Yes. All new products are thoroughly studied; they usually have a long creative process. I have something’s coming out for the summer.

For more information on Green Bar as well as get your hands on some of their amazing products, please consult their website or check out their Facebook group.

Images courtesy of Green Bar.
– Khaleejesque.

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