When it comes to denim, the ladies are always picky with what they buy; it's all about the fit, style and trend. With us guys however, it all comes down to what we like. It rarely has to do with what's trendy but more about personal preference but when you talk about the brand, it does matter.

Take me for instance, I — like the other few billion people around the globe — love jeans and the main reason being that they simply go with everything. I can put on a plaid shirt and pair it with some straight fit jeans and the outfit would look great. The way I buy my jeans is simply just pretty random and the brands always vary because I like to try new things. Most of the people I know do the same and like I said it's all about personal preference so everyone has a unique sense of style. Last year I felt like wearing straight fit denim and this year I felt to be more of a slim fit jeans year.

When it comes to color, it mostly depends on what we like; some of us guys like our jeans dark and some light, some stone washed and some vintage. Sometimes it even comes down to what colors we have and what colors we don't have. Some people always stick to the dark tones whilst others mix it up a little. I prefer to mix it up and I tend to pick the denim on the seasons. For instance, summer is a season for something vintage and light colored and the fall/winter season is more of a dark colored jean season. Again, this is all different with everyone.


Styles of jeans for men do vary just, not like the ladies' jeans but they do. Lets start from the ultra baggy and stop at the ultra slims. The baggiest style we can possibly wear is the baggy pants which are the kind you see on gangsters in the movies but they tend to wear the biggest size possible; hence the showing underwear.

The next style is the boot cut which are not fitted and tend to flow down and these I would say are most popular since they fit everyone and the slightly overweight like me in the past would prefer this style. Then you have the relaxed fit which I think is the same as the boot cut but the stores tell me otherwise, I don't understand this concept. And this is where straight jeans come in; these jeans tend to fit more snuggley around the waist area and can be found in low waist or regular styles. They aren's slim and they aren't boot cut but simply straight.The straight style tends to be a style that everyone who doesn't like the bootcut would wear because it's not as fit as the slim and they tend to look neater.

Then you have the slim fits; hear me and hear me well, these jeans weren't made for everybody because they are slim just like their name suggests. If someone tries a pair on and is barely able to actually fit in it then you'll know what I mean. These jeans tend to grip around the waist and your legs; they grip around everything really. The people you usually find in this style are usually the slim people. Think of it this way, slim jeans are for slim people. These jeans I would say aren't as popular as it's baggier counterparts mainly because not everyone can pull them off. In my opinion slim jeans require a special taste.

Us guys don't really buy jeans we dont get into and it's all about our bodies and what they look good in really. By good I meant fit. So if we fit in it and we like it, we buy it.

Think of it this way ladies, a guy doesn't shop for jeans but simply buys his jeans. We are sometimes hard headed when it comes to changing up our routine and we always want to get the best we can get. So we always want the best Rock & Republics, Levi's, Diesels and Abercrombies whether or not our butt looks good in it.

– Ali AlQabandi.
Image: Ali AlQabandi

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