Let me be the first to admit that I have a bit (really, just a bit?) of a sweet tooth (more like teeth) so when I heard about Candylicious a few months back, hearts popped out of my eyes. 11,000 square feet dedicated to all that is sweet and delicious. My, my, that is the epitome of any chocoholic/sweetaholic/candyholic’s dream.

So, want to sink your sweet tooth in the hugest candy store in Dubai? Candylicious is the place to go. Located in Dubai Mall, right across the aquarium, with it’s bright and rich colors, you’ll find it pretty impossible to pass by without stepping in.

When you first step into this candy paradise, you’ll be met with dazzling colors grinning at you from every nook and cranny, calling your name to come and see. My advice is to take a deep breath, and take it one step at a time. There’s a huge lollipop tree and legend has it that it sprang from the first striped red and white lollipop seeds (yes, there is such a thing). So don’t be surprised if you find yourself walking under a canopy of branches heavily laden with all kinds of striped, colorful lollies. Feel free to pluck a couple for yourself. More will grow in their place.

And if you’re a Hershey’s fan, then arm yourself with a trolley (or two). All flavors of Hershey kisses, Hershey Reese’s, Hershey bars in all sizes and more are all in display ready for you to take your pick. Cuddly Hershey pillows anyone? Or maybe a lovely orange Hershey mug and bowl? All Hershey products are available there!

Give your taste buds some fun and head to the jellybeans section. You’ll find various jellybeans in all kinds of different packaging. And if you’re not a fan of getting a box of multi flavored jelly beans for fear of finding something a la Harry Potter’s Bertie’s Jelly Beans, then you can pick and choose the flavors you want from the multitude of flavors available, sold separately, for the hard core fans of certain jelly bean flavors.

Love popcorn? Then head to the popcorn section where there a range of popcorn, caramelized with nuts to the cheesiest popcorn out there, revive the popcorn-a-holic in you!

Of course there’s much much more. Ice cream reminiscent of snazzy old times; biscuits in vintage boxes and packaging; gourmet chocolates and nuts; and the list, is endless.
I’d say the best time to head to Candylicious would be during weekday mornings. You can always tell your boss at work that you’re doing some field work (candy field, that is). Weekend mornings aren’t so bad either, but it can get crowded with sugar hungry people and hyper kids running around at times.

Little children love toy stores, and when you step into Candylicious, you’ll feel like a little kid let loose in the best toy and candy store you could image, regardless of your sugar preference. Don’t miss it!

– Najla AlOwais. Images: News:Lite http://www.newslite.tv/

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