Call it ghutra, shemagh or kufiya; it's still around. Read more…

Who ever thought that tradition and culture would someday become associated with a whole new fashion trend? Seems like designers will constantly be inspired for the creation and innovation of new designs! The kufiya, also known as the ghutra or shemagh, has become one of the most famous fashion trends. Not only has it become a trend among Arabs, but people ranging from all age groups and countries around the world are wearing it.
This however is not how the kufiya became known to the people. The origin of the scarf dates back many years, particularly amongst Arab men, in specific countries such as the Gulf countries, Palestine, Jordan and Syria, who wear it as part of cultural attire and protection from the cold, wind and sand.
Owning a kufiya nowadays signifies that you are “in” with the newest fashion trends! The original scarf is primarily limited to colors such as white/red and white/black, and is cotton based worn in a triangular form either around the neck or over ones head. Today, one can find a kufiya in any color desired, with beaded embroidery and gold silk stitching. Not only is the kufiya used as a scarf, but can come in the form of dresses, tops, bags and even neckties for men!
Famous designers such as Balenciaga, and stars like Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and Cameron Diaz are of the few international stars that have adopted the kufiya as a fashion trend. The square cut cotton based cloth that has for long symbolized Arab tradition and heritage struck the world of fashion runways.
Let us wait and see what inspirations will emerge next from the embracement of Arab culture into the international world of fashion!

– Maya Moussa. Images: Dinz

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