Shelter – a word that defines a safe-haven or a shielded sanctuary where you can flee to; Shelter in Dubai is just that, but there’s a catch, there’s nothing to run from. Instead, it’s a place where forward thinkers, and like-minded creatives connect and exchange ideas.

Initiated as a community workspace, Shelter provides a unique office infrastructure in which social interactions between intellectuals can be converted into successful businesses and initiatives. With an aim of “adopting the culture of enterprise”, this initiative aims to nurture entrepreneurship within small businesses.

Shelter is not just a bland community space; on the contrary it encompasses many different subdivisions where one can find a haven in such as the personal spaces section, cinema, library, event space, store, brassieres, garden, and store.

In the Personal Space section, one can find ergonomically sound workspaces with flexibility to cater for all manners of business set-ups one might attempt; from a solitary office to a space that can cater to groups of five. If you have a business idea, an initiative you want to strategies, and have no place to go, Shelter has just the place for you to meet. It also provides media and logistics that will rid start-up companies of unnecessary complications.

The Cinema at Shelter is a custom-designed mini auditorium that is open to start-up company presentations, or events; it is similar to a cozy small art-house cinema where private screenings, independent movies and documentaries will be screened for members and residents of Shelter.

The Library houses over a thousand books and magazines that encompass a huge range of subjects from matters of architecture to culture. Reference texts and other relevant information databases are provided for members, who can check books out if they wish.

The Shelter is big enough to cater for events of all shapes, sizes, and varities. Already a popular place to set lectures, classes, product launches, and press conferences, Shelter is where intellectuals and forward-thinkers get together and exchange ideas and musings. Many famous events have taken place there, such as Match! You can join a class, take part in a lecture, and attain insights and perspectives on new ideas at Shelter.

The Store stocks basic stationary for operation be it for education, work or design, as well as an assortment of decorative oddities and stylish objects-d’art that can only be found there.

All that work gets one hungry eventually, but there’s no need to venture off The Shelter grounds to get a bite to eat. Shelter’s Brasserie offers affordable fresh food that is supplied by one of the most reputable café chains in the region – Intelligent Food (creators of M0re Café, M0re ice-cream, and rem0).

To add to all that, Shelter has it’s own Zen-style Garden for the benefit of its members. It is a pleasant anti-space to the usual place of work, where one can seek refuge at, network, dine, or simply socialize outdoors.

It’s a perfect innovation campus that allows ideas to exist in a creative environment.  What else can one can ask for? You can socialize, work or get entertained. A “shelter” from the outside world where you can flee to, where you can get inspired, get some work done, relax, or even broaden your horizons.

We know we’d have been thrilled, if we had Shelter here in Kuwait; it would have made the whole Khaleejesque start-up process much easier.

For more information on Shelter, and how to become a member of this exlusive community space visit

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images: The Shelter AE

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