“Abbaya”, “Swaieyah”, or “Daffa” as it is called in the Gulf is a black over garment worn by many women in the Islamic world. Although it is not obligatory for women to wear “Abbayas” in most Gulf countries, it is still a traditional costume that most women consider a vital piece in their closets.

An essential staple to complete many Khaleeji Women’s daily wardrobe, “Abbayas: are no longer a plain black material that one would merely drape over one’s body as it used to be in the past. “Abbayas”, nowadays come in many styles, cuts, fabrics, and colors complimenting what’s currently in style on international runways. Some are hand painted, some are heavily embroidered, and many come in limited edition styles- to ensure that you stand out from the masses wearing “Abbayas” on the street and give you a unique flare.

There are many local designers in the United Arab Emirates, but few whom stand out and create unique chic, well-fitting and eye-catching designs such as “Jawaher.”

A local Emirati “Abbaya” designer, Jawaher started her business with a humble set of “Abbayas” in 2004, which was the foundation to a successful first class “Abbaya” design house.  She not only succeeded in building a good reputation in her field, but also a first-class service, which included unique designs and cuts that both fit superbly and are flattering.

What motivated her to start a business in the “Abbaya” designing field was an incident she experienced with an Abaya shop; the garment didn’t fit well, nor sewn to perfection. Jawaher felt that she could do a better job, and tried her knack at designing and creating an “Abbaya.” Her “Abbaya” passed with flying colors, and gave her that push to take the first step into the world of “Abbayas.”

With a motto of always satisfying her customers and supplying first class sewn to perfection over-garments, Jawaher eventually carved out a name for herself as well as a following. Presently, she designs and displays around seven collections a year. Each collection includes fifteen special designs except for Eid time when she flaunts around thirty stylish designs. Jawaher has participated in many exhibitions such as The Bride Show which takes place in the capital Abu Dhabi and Dubai every year; feats that prove that this UAE designer is going places locally and regionally with her amazing designs.


Like any business owner, Jawaher hopes for her business is to become the number one “Abbaya” shop in the gulf region.

Jawaher shop is located in Dubai, Mirdif area, behind Uptown Mirdif.
To contact Jawaher, call +971-505788852

-Moza Al Kaabi

Images Courtesy of Jawaher.

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