Afraid of the swine flu? Get trendy and mask up. Read more…

With Swine Flu-affected people numbers increasing on a daily rate around the world and the Gulf, there is no doubt that surgical masks are necessary to combat the spread of this virus. Masks are flying off the racks of pharmacies everywhere, but they sure can be dull and ruin your style.

Leave it to the Japanese to give ever so generic items a much-needed humorous twist. Japanese illustrator Yoriko Yoshida decided to make those surgical masks fun, and add a bit of wit into such a serious health scare. He unveiled an artsy collection of surgical facemask designs that drew upon traditional Japanese colors, styles and themes; we wonder why some say that art does not imitate life?

These mobile pieces of art, each with its unique name, keep a person sheltered from the outside environment and the risk of catching the ever so infamous Swine Flu. Whilst giving one a unique edge between all the masses that are sporting generic facemasks. Her masks will keep you feeling safe, while still holding on to your edgy side. With their extra-odd designs, they are poised to wow everyone who sees them.
While Yoriko Yoshida has designed masks using the latest design software, Mexicans who are suffering from the most Swine flu cases, have customized their own face masks. From beautiful butterflies to funny pig faces to bejeweled masks. Some have even used the small space on their mask to show their political views.
There's nothing better than to make the best of any situation you're in and to never let go of you artistic as well as funny side.

Check out more of Yoriko's witty illustrations on her site

– Sarah M. Al-Sabah. Images: Yoriko Yoshida

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