Before I go into any detail let it be known that I will not be adding any titles that are exclusive to one console over the other, purely to avoid any form of nerd rage. The way I see it, companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will continue to make their millions while my people (ye old video game nerds) are busy referring to each other as “fan boys,” and “retards”, respectively. Needless to say, please check back for future articles covering exclusive titles on other consoles. With that said, let's jump right in!

One to Love
The 32-bit era was the switch that ignited the nerds rage. The term “console wars,” was coined, and the game Chrono Trigger managed to establish itself as one of the best games in all video game history. It was first released on the Super Nintendo. It is a role playing game where you take on the persona of Crono, a typical boring dude who finds himself in the middle of an elaborate storyline, which is kicked off with his needing to save the local princess, helping a noble frog redeem himself as a knight, and restoring a broken robot that ends up being a dear friend (Shout out to Lucca! She's my favorite! Dude, I just wrote a shout out to a fictional character, how cool am I?). How's that for exciting? The way the story plays out is actually what you have a lot of control over-the twist in this one's story is one I was floored by when I first finished the game.

The story is so elaborately constructed, that it simply goes hand in hand with the amazing technicalities of the game play. The combat is turn-based, and the graphics as whole still outmatch most of the games of that time where the spell graphics are still breathtaking by today's standards. Each character has more finesse in certain aspects like spell casting, hand-to-hand combat, and ranged weaponry. This game is sweet. You do not want to overlook it.

Don't think you've missed this classic, it's out on the DS, PS1, and can also be tried out on any Super Nintendo emulator.

One to Anticipate
Hands down, at least in terms of non-exclusive games, the one I cannot wait to try has to be Final Fantasy XIII. This is easily one of the most anticipated unreleased games since it's the first installment of the Final Fantasy franchise to hit the new generation consoles. The released trailers have thus far proven to be promising in terms of fast-paced, yet controlled game play, as well the interesting first that is an undisputed female lead in a non-Final Fantasy spin-off.

The story has you playing Lightning, one of the most creatively named characters ever. Try to pretend that it isn't Cloud Strife (FFVII) with pink hair, because I'll be doing the same. Lightning is apparently some ex-soldier type-and wields a “Gunblade” like Squall Leonheart (FFVIII.) She will obviously end up saving the world (or destroying it) because that's just how the Final Fantasy series roll! The city of Cocoon in Final Fantasy XIII seems to be far more technologically advanced than anything portrayed thus far, even beyond Zanarkand's (FFX) alleged glory. Magic (from crystals) is so immersed into this city that people cannot seem to be able to live without it, and anyone coming from outside of the city is seen as an immediate threat. It seems the infamous crystals decided that Lightning needs to do some clean up work.

It's been promised to be out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010.

One to Burn
Prince of Persia (2008) is the single most perfected form of such unceremonious, degrading slaughter of a franchise that was once so entertaining. The game was literally stripped of any merit the franchise ever had going for it, and was reduced to snail-paced combat, lots of “pretty colors,” albeit decent animation, but agonizing repetitive game play that had me in a fit of dangerous nerd rage for as long as I was playing it. I remember I was so excited to have the game, only to find myself fidgeting on the couch and literally squirming in what could have been claustrophobia.

This “vast world,” I'm meant to explore doesn't leave much room for exploring. The path I'm meant to take is fixed-and the jumps, higher jumps, and wall clawing  got old fast. The banter I am forced to witness between my main character and the princess who is meant to be helped is as smooth as sandpaper against cotton candy. It is an unbearable game.

I tell you, Crash the Bandicoot now rests with the PlayStation One. It's interesting that the geniuses at UbiSoft thought it would be a good idea to steal the concept of Crash the Bandicoot, put him in a red scarf and hope that no one would notice.

– Afnan Al-Jalail

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