What do you get when a famous sports company like Reebok teams up with a leading entertainment company such as Cirque Du Soleil?

Jukari – a new fitness workout with an edge.

Dubbed the Jukari Fit to Fly workout, this revolutionary workout combines suspension and cardio training to tone and strengthenyour body in a new and exciting way.
The name “jukari” comes from an Italian word meaning “to play” and that is exactly what the workout feels like. You are suspended from the ceiling on a trapeze-like object called the FlySet.

What better way to start the morning than swinging, stretching, and spinning for an hour, and better yet, results are guaranteed! Jukari not only blasts away those awful calories, but also strengthens and lengthens the body through cardio, strength, balance, and core training. Celebrities such as Mischa Barton, Molly Sims and Audrina Patridge have all taken part in this new hype.

So far, Jukari is available in 14 cities around the world, and is planned to debut in Dubai this September.

How long till the Jukari craze sweeps the rest of the Gulf? We know we can’t wait to get a Jukari-enabled gym over here as well!



To learn more, visit Reebok's site here

Images: Reebok



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