As we all know, the police force are here to keep the peace, and battle the bad guys, but have you ever heard or seen an “Environmentally Friendly Police Force” in our region?

Guess what?

Saudi Arabia is instating “Green” Police starting next year; they will be in charge of protecting the environment as opposed to people. The Minister of Meteorology and Environment Prince Turki Bin Nasser Al-Saud has declared that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will install an Eco-environmental unit to its police force next year that will be dubbed the “Green Guardians Unit”

The eco-friendly Green Guardians Unit will help to reduce the damage, and pollution that is caused by factors of production and industry in the nation such as the pollution emitted from factories, and raw material reproduction. Their tasks also include monitoring gas stations and refineries that may have just turned a blind eye to leakages and unnecessary waste of resources that can be easily fixed.

All these tiny issues accumulate and bear a huge tax on the environment and this is just where the crusaders come in, demanding people to take responsibility for their negligence and raising the much needed awareness in the region. We're certainly looking forward to see them in action.

– Khaleejesque. Source: PME

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