Imagine you have the chance to recreate the luxurious treatments you get at the spa or salon at the comfort of your own home. Now imagine you could get all the products you need with just a click! In comes Beauty Bar, your one stop online store for professional, luxury products that you certainly won't find anywhere. Founded by two sisters with extremely contrasting personalities, one an expert in the field of make up while the other believes that excessive showering leads only to dry skin, they both found a middle ground of providing the best products and services to their customers.

The beauty in Beauty Bar is that they've made the grueling task of purchasing hard to find, innovative products extremely simple and enjoyable at the same time. Both men and women can make high quality, eco-friendly purchases that will cater to every skin, hair and body type.

Their online store is not only aesthetically pleasing but instantly puts you in the mood to pamper yourself. From skin to hair care, bath and body, perfumes and much more, you'll surely find yourself skimming through their endless products, tantalized by just their descriptions.

Beauty Bar houses luxury products such as Alterna, Bella Lucce, Plantlife, Peter Thomas Roth, Zoya, Cake, Hugo Naturals and much more. Be sure that these aren't your average items, Beauty Bar prides themselves by displaying the finest beauty products that are environmentally friendly as well. Hugo Naturals, as the brand states, offers natural luxury hair and skin products without using harsh additives or fillers, while Bella Lucce skin-care stock the most exotic ingredients that offer fresh, organic products of the highest quality. A vegan manufacturer, Plantlife, has mastered the art of blending science with nature by producing gentle, healing, and non-irritating products that are free from preservatives and synthetics.

These are just a few of the many organic and natural brands that can be found. You'll see that the essential common thread between all the products that Beauty Bar offers is that they all don't sacrifice quality for being environmentally friendly.

Not only does Beauty Bar promote a balanced, healthy, natural way of living but makes it effortlessly attainable as well. All the products online are available and can be shipped to everyone in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, Yemen and Iran.

Thanks to Beauty Bar, you can now feel free to indulge without harming yourself or the environment!

For more about Beauty Bar, visit their online store here

– Khaleejesque. Images courtesy of Beauty Bar.

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