Located next to Dubai’s newest sensation, Dubai Mall, The Address  hotel is where you want to be. Apart from its chic sophisticated exterior, it pleasantly surprises guests with its lively and vibrant atmosphere. Upon entering the hotel, you are welcomed by a 21-meter water wall and stunning reception. The city’s top restaurants, most staggering rooms, and breath-taking views are all found in one five-star hotel: The Address.

Equipped with 196 luxurious rooms and suites, it stands an impressive 63 storeys high. Rooms overlook an exquisite artificial river and beautifully designed fountain. The spa and pool area offer a blend of relaxation and spiritual healing. If that’s not enough to convince you, the numerous awards might. Hotel Business Lounge of the Year, Best Leisure and Entertainment venue, Best New Hotel, and Traveler’s Hot list are a few awards that the hotel has received.

As a frequent visitor of Dubai, The Address took me by surprise. It is by far the most lavish, yet affordable hotel in Dubai. It provides something for everyone; a pool like no other for the young ones, and a mall that you can roam for days for everyone else.

Standing next to the world’s tallest building and world’s largest shopping mall, The Address Hotel is surely a Dubai landmark that is an essential stop when visiting the city.

– Reem Al-Wazzan.

Images: The Address

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