Twenty-five years after the first Terminator movie, director McG, who directed both Charlie's Angels movies, brings us the fourth installment of the highly successful franchise, Terminator Salvation. With an estimated budget of $200 million and Christian Bale taking the lead role (fresh from The Dark Knight which became the third-highest grossing movie ever in the US), this is sure to be an exciting action-packed rollercoaster.

Set in 2018, after the world has been destroyed by a nuclear holocaust at the end of the third Terminator film, the story revolves around John Conner (Christian Bale) and those who survived, known as the Resistance. They wage a war against Skynet, a race of networked artificially intelligent machines that caused the nuclear holocaust and who are determined to destroy what is left of humanity. Eventually throughout the film, Conner becomes the leader of the Resistance and teams up with a mysterious stranger named Marcus Wright to try to infiltrate and destroy Skynet.

The movie also stars newcomer Sam Worthington, who was personally recommended by Russell Crowe and James Cameron, director of Titanic and the first two Terminator movies. Look out for a surprise appearance-sort of-by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie as well as narration of the opening credits by Linda Hamilton! Some readers will be clueless with why this is important, but "Terminator" fans would know that Schwarzenegger and Hamilton played the main characters in the first two films, but declined to act in Terminator Salvation.

Fun facts:

*The movie was in development for 10 years, with several rewrites to the script and ever-changing directors and actors for the roles.

*Many injuries happened on set; Worthington badly hurt his back, Bale broke his hand, and an effects technician partially severed his leg.

*Audio of Bale's highly publicized anger fit that was leaked to the media where has was cursing at the director of photography and threatened to leave the film was on the set of this movie.

– Abdulla Al-Mulaifi

Images: Warner Bros

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