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Exclusive Khaleejesque interview with Mohammed Bourisly- Head of  PR and Partner of COMMON FACTOR Communication.
“Beauty means nothing without functionality,” said Mohammed Bourisly at the beginning of the interview setting the parameters of this creative yet innovational eye pleasing as well as “ear pleasing” venture.

Common Factor-the official partner of Continental Mobiles luxury mobile phones as well as exclusive gifts collection- allows clienteles to uniquely personalize their mobile phones into prestigious and individual forms of art. Launched in 2006, Common Factor has devoted its efforts to redefine the concept of luxury through communications, or other words, “pimp my mobile?”

Inspired by the Kuwaiti consumers’ passion for luxury goods and exclusive items as well as the pursuit to own any new and unique product in the market, Common Factor’s mission is to provide the ultimate luxurious mobile phone.

Dedicated to luxury, each piece of the continental mobiles (be it a Nokia, Blackberry, Samsungs, etc.- Common Factor have a selection) is hand tailored in England using world-class materials and opulent craftsmanship. The skilled engineers carefully customize each piece in the collection by hand, using state of the art tools and metals which include 24 karat gold plating, 18 karat rose gold plating, white platinum plating, VVS1 diamonds and rubies, sapphire and emerald.

The idea of common factor started when a group of young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs found that there was a lack in the luxury niche market, which was the luxury mobile phone. Some may ask is Common Factor Similar to Vertu in the end? Mohammed Bourisly dismissed this comparison, yes, some people were buying mobiles from Vertu ( a luxury mobile phones company with a hefty price tag) but others did not want to change their original brand of choice be it a Nokia or the ever helpful Blackberry that they have grown so accustomed to yet still wanted to add a dose of luxury to their communication device.

Common Factor, on the other hand offers their clients with more choices and a chance for them to customize and add a dose of luxury to their favorite mobile brands. For example, a client would like a customized blackberry or a Nokia; on the other hand, Vertu only produces its own line of mobile phones making common factor unique in a way. This shared realization and vision was the drive behind starting up this uniquely creative business venture that has been propelled into popularity in such a short time.

The most distinct signature mark of Common Factor apart from the customized rich mobile phones is the packaging. Each mobile phone is hand delivered in a unique polished walnut briefcase designed to enclose the packaging perfectly with a prestigious laser cut 24karat gold satin plated card- a representation of true British tailoring.

– M.S.J

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