How do you sum up a place?

re:collections attempts to unpack the infinite readings, interpretations, and translations that occur when thinking of place, memory, and time. It brings together a diverse group of creatives who investigate context through the natural and built environment and its social and cultural layers. What results is a collection of collections, varied in its inquiries, depictions, mediums, and processes. The exhibition features works by Amena Al-Yousef, Christto + Andrew, Fatma and Reem Al Sehlawi with Atlas Bookstore, Markus Elblaus, Nayla Al Mulla, and Simone Muscolino with the Moving Postcards Project.

re:collections invites visitors to experience a grounded, complex, nuanced, and extraordinary place. It opens up urgent and necessary conversations without offering conclusions, allowing different translations to emerge.

Open to all
Opening: September 14 at 5:30pm
The Gallery at VCUarts Qatar


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