What new trajectories are created when future visions from different worlds connect, converse, and influence each other?

Futurisms is a possible trajectory. It is a cross-cultural journey mapped by the desire for a future filled with love and beauty. This exhibition brings together artists Alisha B. Wormsley (in collaboration with Li Harris), Jasmine Murrell, Saba Taj, Saks Afridi, and the artist collective, Hyphen Labs, to initiate a conversation between Afrofuturism, Sci-fi Sufism, and Muslim Futures. Each artist reminds us that we can still find the utopia within the dystopia. Here, embodied knowledge is liberatory technology. A technology activated only through vulnerability, reverence, empathy, and excitement. Futurisms engages this technology to offer a way forward. Futurisms charts strategies for imagining a fruitful future, one that helps us to confront ourselves and recognize the magic inside.
Anyone who is interested in Art and Design
March 7 to April 9, 2022
Opening reception: March 7 at 5pm
Panel discussion: March 7 at 6pm
The Gallery at VCUarts Qatar / Panel discussion at the Atrium
Price or fee
Free and open to the public


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