Building on the on-going Re-materialize programme focused on recycling material in the UAE and the wider region, Sharjah Architecture Triennial (SAT) is pleased to announce their first open call for local and regional designers. They invite emerging and established designers based in the UAE or the countries listed below (under Environmental Criteria), to submit a proposal for a functional product made with locally recycled materials.
Through a selection process, chosen pieces will receive production support and then be displayed and sold in the SAT Design Store’s first collection: Re-store. The collection aims to showcase designers in the region, connecting them with fabricators in the UAE in order to meet the growing demand for environmentally-conscious and locally- and regionally-designed products.
Together with the Re-materialize programme, Re-store calls upon designers to take active part in the wider conversation around material choice and how it can play an important role in ensuring a more ecologically responsible future.
Designers based in the UAE and in countries within a 2,100 km radius of Sharjah: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
Application deadline: 21 January 2022
Sharjah, UAE
Price or fee


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