A joint exhibition for Bahraini poet Dina Bseisu and Tunisian-Swiss calligrapher Abderrazak Hamouda.
The flow, passion, beauty, and visual eloquence of the hand and the pen simply have no equal. The aesthetics of Arabic letter forms have inspired poets to weave elaborate literary tapestries. This exhibition combines a selection of moving poems and majestic calligraphy visuals. It provides a window into the beauty of this living art form through poetic imagery. The breathtaking flow of Dina’s colored ink comes together with the splendor of the verses in a harmonious passionate dance.
The exhibition is a dialogue between the poet and the calligrapher, a connection between the artist’s letters and the poet’s reflections and how they embrace one single Arab identity through the lens of diverse cultures and personal experiences. This heartfelt unique work of art reflects the synthesis of the pen and the word; Abdel Razzaq innovatively finds ways in which to present Arabic letter shapes combined with the depth of expression in Dina’s poetry.
Open to all
1 – 10 December 2021
Art Centre, Manama – Bahrain


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