Ghmza, a prominent production company committed to providing high-quality entertainment in Kuwait, is bringing world-class entertainment to local audiences. Their latest project features the beloved children's character Blippi, known for his engaging and educational content. We spoke with Abdullah AlThamer, Director and Producer at Ghmza, to learn about the inspiration behind bringing Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour to Kuwait, the expected impact on the young audience, and their broader vision for entertainment in the region.

Can you tell us what inspired the decision for Ghmza to bring Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour to Kuwait, and how did this collaboration come about?

Abdullah AlThamer (AA): It came when we had a meeting, reflecting upon the current offerings in the market for educational kid's shows. It truly was a scarcity! So we took it upon ourselves to make it our mission to provide high-quality educational (and entertaining) kid's shows, and who else better than Blippi to start with!

How do you think Blippi's educational and entertaining content in Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour will resonate with the children in Kuwait?

(AA): At the intersection of education and entertainment comes a long-lasting love for learning new things! We all remember moments at Science classes, History, or even Art where we vividly remember the things we learned because the method it was delivered by was entertaining and effective.

What can families and children expect during Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour in Kuwait?

(AA): People can expect the energy and excitement that they know and love of Blippi, along with amazing music, audience interaction, and world-class production values! Children and families should be ready to sing and dance along with Blippi and the Blippi buddies to both old and new favorite songs (including “The Excavator Song”!), and have an amazing experience that we know they’ll remember forever.

Are there any plans to bring more international entertainers to Kuwait?

(AA): That’s definitely the goal, a big part of our vision is to focus on quality family entertainment, whether it being local or international.

Do you believe that there are opportunities for homegrown brands and talents to someday reach Blippi-level stardom?

(AA): Of course! We have more than enough talents, it just needs the right environment to incubate it and hopefully, at Ghmza we can be that factor!

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