British Council is participating in COP28 hosted by the United Nations this year at Expo City in Dubai by actively showcasing how art, culture, and education are driving the climate dialogue and offering tangible solutions in the region. 

The British Council Programme at COP28 represents a diverse schedule of activities that includes side events, exhibits, videos, films, performances, panels, interactive speaker sessions and much more.

Held at the Green Zone and Blue Zone including the British Council Pavilion, the British Council and Partner-led activities will showcase learnings from the UK and their partners through education, arts, and culture. The public is invited to the British Council Pavilion for heritage exploration, films, panels, and more until 9 December 2023.

Here are a couple of the standout events:

-Mother Earth International: Dance Film on 8th Dec, 3 PM
-From Ink to Action; Exhibition Opening on 8th Dec, 6 PM (Al Serkal)
-How Creativity Can Build Resilient Communities: Panel Discussion on 9th Dec, 3 PM
-Songs of the Earth: Animation Film on 9th Dec, 7:45 PM
-Translating Sustainability: Advocating Eco-Friendly Creativity Against the Anthropocene on  9 December, 7 PM.

Mother Earth International: Better Late Than Never (Dance Film)
Date: 8 December
Time: 3 – 3:30 PM UAE time
Venue: The Green Zone Stage

This dance film is a collaborative effort across 9 countries and addresses the climate and ecological crisis through a blend of stunning landscapes and captivating movements. Documenting the daily lives of young people (aged 18-34) in London and Korea, it creates an engaging, poetic, and lyrical story. Offering a visual journey viewers are encouraged to reconnect with our planet, focusing on climate change and consumption, avoiding the usual imagery of smokestacks and polar bears. Following one person for one day in different countries, then combining this footage to give a cross-cultural perspective on consumption through these everyday activities. Encouraging viewers to reconnect with our planet, the film highlights the various emergencies we are facing today. Featuring a contrast of breath-taking landscapes and a clash of enchanting movement, Better Late Than Never invites you to reconnect with the planet we live on. 

"From Ink to Action" (Exhibition)
Date: 8 December
Time: 6 –  8 PM UAE time
Venue: Al Serkal Avenue – Warehouse 58

This exhibition is part of the British Council’s creative commissions under the Culture Responds Global Programme. In this immersive exhibition, you'll have the opportunity to explore the diverse perspectives of these twelve artists, hailing from Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. They have been commissioned to create powerful narratives that address the urgent climate crisis and environmental threats in their own contexts. Each artist offers a unique lens through which to view these global challenges. As you explore this exhibition and engage with the comics, consider the impact of individual actions and the transformative potential of collective change. The climate crisis is a formidable challenge, but through the universal language of art, we can amplify our message and work together toward a more sustainable future. Join in celebrating the creativity and innovation of Arab comic art while advocating for the planet we call home. 

How Creativity Can Build Resilient Communities (Panel Discussion)
Date: 9 December
Time: 3 – 4 PM UAE time
Venue: Resilience Hub

This session will focus on how artistic and cultural practice can shape how communities build resilience in the face of climate impacts.  Community involvement, sovereignty and the environment. The event will feature artists and practitioners from Pakistan, Brazil, Egypt and Nepal, amongst others. There will be film and a performative element to the session. The event will feature projects from BC Pakistan (Laila Jamil) and BC Nepal and a BC supported Brazilian project.

Songs of the Earth (Animation Film)
Date: 9 December
Time: 7:45 – 9 PM UAE time
Venue: The Green Zone Stage

A climate change animated film that integrates an original narrative and songs, touching on issues from climate migration and extreme weather to ocean pollution and sustainable fashion. It's a global story told through immersive visuals and music. 

Translating Sustainability: Advocating Eco-Friendly Creativity Against the Anthropocene (Panel Discussion)
Date: 9 December
Time: 7 – 7:45 PM UAE time
Venue: The Green Zone Stage

Hosted by the British Council MENA and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, this performative lecture delves into how translation in literature, arts, and architecture can effectively communicate ecological themes. Led by Ain Shams University scholars Iman Ezzeldin and Mustafa Riad, the presentation explores how translation in literature, arts, and architecture can communicate ecological messages, cultural identities, and values. Through visuals and music, the lecture showcases real-world examples, including renowned literary works and sacred texts, highlighting the evolving environmental consciousness. It emphasizes the challenges in translating texts with ecological themes and stresses the need for accurate conveyance of cultural nuances. The event underscores the vital role of translation in promoting environmental awareness, advocating a more sustainable approach to creative storytelling across diverse linguistic and cultural boundaries.

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