Dubai is an endlessly changing city. New hotels, restaurants, malls and many more attractions that are developed each month. This magical city advances in the most unimaginable ways. Never have I visited a city that offered the best of the best—from international cuisine to premiere luxury experience. Known for having the highest standards in hotel hospitality and service, I was on a quest to find a hotel that exceeded my expectations.

In the middle of the famed Jumeirah Beach Road stands an enormous tower covered with long glass windows. The entrance of the lobby was busy with luxury cars and tourists queing to eat at the fine selection of internationally renowned restaurants. Adjacent to the impressive culinary variety, are luxury brands that offer a unique shopping experience leading up to the stunning entrance and beautiful modern interior of the hotel’s lobby.

Back Exterior Night

Our suite was at the very end of an intricately decorated hallway on the 10th floor. The glass view of the living room overlooking the beach took my breath away. A canvas of blue was foregrounded by Dubai’s future architectural projects in view, which were nothing short of visually stunning and structurally magical. The room did not disappoint. Every detail was accounted for—from the Apple TV in the spacious living room to the modern interiors of soft, neutral tones that were both tasteful and relaxing. It’s these small touches that make a home away from home warm and familiar.

Conveniently located near the beach, which in Dubai is still warm enough for a swim in the winter season, we made the short walk down. The space was alive with families and friends all having a great time. There was an endless list of beach activities to choose from—water sports, tanning beds, and non-stop service—relaxation at its finest!

Speaking of which, what better way to relax than to spend your time at the spa. Natureland Spa is an experience in and of itself that offers all types of massages, facials, and traditional Turkish hammam. We decided to try almost every service they had to offer. I started with the Turkish hammam—my first time. Apart from the leisurely experience, my eyes couldn’t help but take in and appreciate the exquisite traditional Ottoman interiors. Next up, I tried their signature massage. The therapy room had a magical scent that loosened me up and put me in a tranquil mood as soon as I began to hear the subtle music in the background. The massage therapist was a great listener and catered to my every need, while carefully targeting my pressure points. Finally, I was ready for my facial, which was just the cherry on top of an exceptionally relaxing spa day. I was refreshed from head to toe. Mind, body, and soul, I was re-energized and optimally satisfied. 

Breakfast on terrace

The spa even accommodates for therapies such as reflexology, and offer an ice bath that is designed to loosen sore muscles, release tension, and relieve stress. Another section of the spa houses the co-ed lounge area, which overlooks the pool, garden, and the beach where guests and members can enjoy beverages and snacks from the mini bar. Conveniently, the spa has flexible working hours that start from early morning until after midnight, perfect for any schedule.

There is no city like Dubai, and where better to stay to experience the best the city has to offer in luxury and pampering than at the luxurious Rixos Premium at Jumeirah Beach Road.

A version of this article was featured in Khaleejesque’s Tenth Anniversary, March 2019 issue.

Words: Noor Al-Sabah
Images: Rixos Premium Dubai

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