By Eman Sheikh

Don’t you love when the scents of fresh ground coffee beans dance around your kitchen while you make your morning dose of caffeine? Or is your favorite feeling, perhaps, the cozy warmth that seeps into your skin as you wrap your fingers around your mug? No matter what it is, one thing is for certain, though – you love coffee, and coffee loves you. But brewing the perfect cup at home is not everyone’s cup of tea and those of us with tight schedules do not have time for such a task, thus cafés are our best friends. Starbucks has long been everyone’s generic favorite, but if you ever feel the need to try something pleasantly different, here’s a list of the cafés we can recommend.


If you’re looking for a quiet place in the midst of the city to enjoy your daily cup, BLAKK COFFEE might be the place for you. It covers a quaint space with contemporary furniture along with an outdoor seating area. The interior, as the name suggests, follows a dark palette of shades such as blacks and greys with a pop of gold and white in the counter. Bulbs hang over the counter and tables and give off a warm glow that ties the aesthetic of the café together. My personal favorite element would have to be the shape of the cups; black like the interior, the handleless ceramic cup fits perfectly in the palms of your hands. Its menu provides options for black and white beverages (served both hot and cold), which is made fresh in front of you. But it gets better – not only does this café fulfil your coffee cravings, but they also include a limited range of ice creams with a special category for cones called #BLAKKCONES. So if the urban design and good coffee (with ice-cream) is your thing, you’ll want to give BLAKK COFFEE a shot.

WILD Coffee Bar

Good coffee meets rustic décor to make WILD Coffee Bar. Both spacious, cozy, and comfortable, WILD provides the ideal setting for a student, a group of friends, or someone who just wants to hang out with their dog. Funky warning signs and posters with mottos color the walls of the space, spreading messages of positivity, love, and equality. The décor is a fusion of culture and modern art, almost as a representation of today’s generation. Shining over the counter are bulbs lighting up the details of their wood-based interior. The outside space, too, is rather vast and equipped with tables and cushioned chairs, as well as a long black bench. Ropes of lights dangle overhead to compliment the black furniture and keep the visitors company once it gets dark. Money plants sit in various locations, giving the café a “wild” sense with their long and vine-like stems. The menu hangs as a giant notepad on a wall, with the menu items scribbled in a thick black marker, giving it a homey vibe. The homelike kitchen vibe of their counter area adds a whole new layer to the café’s aesthetic, giving it a more approachable and relaxing look. Fresh thick cookies sit on the counter, just the sight of which makes your fingers twitch for one, then maybe another.


Richards Coffee Bar

Richards Coffee Bar is, in the most basic sense, simple. There is no flashy décor, no overbearing aesthetic at work – just a straightforward café with a simple design. This two-story coffee house is all white with hints of wood to keep the interior interesting. The limited art on its walls includes abstract pictures and occasional graffiti, remaining true to its essence of simplicity. There stands a bookrack sprinkled with miscellaneous items – again, none too flashy to break the calm spell of the place but engaging enough to arouse interest. The counter is wood and white with baked goods next to the coffee machine. The paper cup design takes inspiration from Mother Nature; showing elements of earth, coffee fields, and nature in all its glory. Richards is a place where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee while finishing up your work, or striking up a conversation with the person next to you.

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