Our second foray into the music scene proved to be our most fruitful. We learned from our initial experiences and invested strongly in marketing, artists, and the actual event, held at Sadu House on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016.

We had professional sound engineers, a mix of artists providing us with different genres of music, and a scenic backdrop provided by Sadu House.

We had six musicians and six poets. They alternated sets and it was an absolute pleasure to have our ears blessed with the best of Kuwait’s talent. We had a huge turnout of over 150 people. We had a mix of bloggers, fashionistas, event organizers, and creatives attend. This goes to show that investment, hard work, and dedication pays off.

We’ve had such positive responses from our performers; they’ve gone on to being invited to perform at various other events around the country.

If we played even the smallest part in furthering the artistic community, we’ve achieved our goal.

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