A collection of eight Arab artists from the Middle East and diaspora are showcasing their work at the Brighton Photo Fringe Festival through Reconnecting Arts, a platform that supports emerging Middle Eastern creatives.

The exhibition reflects on their voyages and the intricacies of an identity that is continuously reconnecting. All the artists use photography, but each of them in an experimental way that explores the language and methods of photography.

The eight artists include Noura Al-Amri, Sara Foryame, Khalid Al-Hammadi, Ahmed Al-Mannai, Nasreen Jamal Al-Lail, Cheb Moha, Ali Sharji, and Mouna Kalla-Sacranie.


photoshow-01The Brighton Photo Fringe will be running until October 30th. For more information visit their website.

Find out more about Reconnecting Arts and the eight artists through their Exhibition Catalogue or their website.

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