Khaleejesque and GUST (Gulf University of Science and Technology) have partnered up to develop Upgrade, a program with the most interesting, and experienced, people in the fields of media, marketing, and public relations in Kuwait to help give you an edge over your peers and excel in your personal and professional careers. Did we mention that all the workshops are certified? 

Whether you're a young professional, student, or business owner, you always need to find the time to develop yourself by learning new skills or brushing up on your old ones. And with the creative industry on the rise in the Middle East region, we felt it's a crucial time to develop budding talent and give them the skills to be ready to face the competitive business landscape.

Running from January 17 till February 10, 2016 at GUST, Upgrade presents intensive workshops based on 4 different segments:

1) Pen: To empower your journalistic and creative writing skills

Pen Workshop #1: Effective Interviewing Skills with Eman M. Al-Awadhi (January 17 & 18)

Pen Workshop #2: Creative and Journalistic Writing with Eman M. Al-Awadhi  (January 19 & 20)

Pen Workshop #3: Master Freelance Writing with Lucy Moore (January 21)

2) Media: To introduce new media platforms and give you the skills to enhance your media persona

Media Workshop #1: Podcast Like a Pro with Khalid Al-Zanki (January 24-27)

Media Workshop #2: What a PR Degree Doesn't Teach You with Aseel Al Turkait (January 27-28)

3) Lens: To elevate your visual skills and sense of art direction 

Lens Workshop #1: Creative Art Direction for Advertising with Antonia Jolic (January 31, February 2 & February 4)

Lens Workshop #2: 101 Photography Basics with Fahad Al Nusf (February 1 & February 3)

4) Spin: To enhance your PR awareness and prepare you to handle public relations like a pro

Spin Workshop #1: Crisis Communication and Campaign Basics with Manaf Bashir (February 7-8)

Spin Workshop #2: PR Writing and Pitching with Manaf Bashir (February 9-10)

Be sure to book your spots as seats are limited to ensure a thorough experience for all those attending.

Take a look at the Upgrade page for a full listing and bookmark it to catch up on upcoming workshops!

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