Upcoming and necessary for the creative mind is Dubai Design Week falling on the 26th to 31st October, 2015. This annual event is all about bringing to life aspects ranging from rooted cultures to modern ideas, and everything in between, and how they manifest into modes of art and design today.

Whether it be in the form of fashion, architecture, or expressive arts, Dubai Design Week provides all and more in an exploratory journey, between auditoriums, exhibit spaces, even cafe’s and corners of the city. Excited to embark, as per the promised itinerary, on a three day trek into the world of design, Dubai – I shall be taking deeper than sneak peaks into projects created for just this occasion, while I shall be speaking to designers, artists, cultural connoisseurs, and more.

The itinerary is interesting, and has much to say. To start is a view into the project Abwab, which brings teams from Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Tunisia, and the UAE, each having created their own spectacle from the term “Games: The Element of Play in Culture” – the theme for year 2015.

This is followed by more talks from Urban Majlis of the Dubai Culture; an open platform of dialogue for professional artists of the region. Conversations just keep getting better, as we get curator-led tours across Dubai’s best architectural sites, from historic to modern, including tours of installations placed around the city, land-marking the event, and the gallery visits of course.

Meanwhile, even between the hard work and play time, (because design is necessarily in both), lunches ’n’ coffees are also packaged for creative delights, combining both an art-worthy venue and guest speakers.

For more information, visit www.dubaidesignweek.ae

– Fatima J

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