Make sure to attend the HIKMA event at Khaleejesque's Headquarters on the 27th of September, 2014 at 7:00 pm.

HIKMA is an enlightened group of people who are based in Kuwait who have realized that the Arab world suffers from one of the worst literacy levels and that it is undergoing a phase of instability and they want to ensure that guests have a platform to have enlightening discussions.

Two lectures are going to be presented in English with 30 minutes for each lecture. HIKMA believes in the liberty of speech and the pursuit of happiness in the Arab world, knowing that it is the duty of those who have knowledge to teach those who do not.

The discussion will start with Ghzayil Al Harbi and Sarah Al Shamali who will provide a description of HIKMA along with a brief introduction; introducing the speakers and the Q&A Sessions. The first speaker is going to be Sulaiman Al Mazeedi who will discuss the "Paradox of Obesity" followed by Khaled Al Zanki whose topic is going to be "The Death of Social Media". Ibrahim Al Mazeedi will close the discussion with final concluding statements.

Come join our conversation at 7:00 pm at the Khaleejesque Headquarters!

Location: Floor 8, Mazaya Tower 3, Sharq, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Please note: Limited seating available so be there early! 


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