The Other Hundred Photo Exhibition is going to be launch today the 16th of September and will run until the 15th of October at the East Wing Gallery in DIFC in Dubai, UAE.

Curated by award-winning photographer Stefen Chow, the exhibition will feature photographs that will take you on a visual journey across the world. The photographs will then be accumulated into a comprehensive photo book. The publication aims to focus on the lives of people who deserve to be celebrated, which is how The Other Hundred acts a counterpoint to the rich lists that usually make the headlines like Forbes 100. The Other Hundred highlights people who have aspirations and achievements and give them the exposure that they deserve.

The first edition of this publication was featured in various media outlets and the second edition will be launched soon which will be focused on the theme of entrepreneurs.

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Khaleejesque is proud to be a media partner of The Other Hundred

©Stefen Chow

©Stefen Chow

©Stefen Chow


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