The Other Hundred is a project that is unlike any other, this publication aims to focus on and explore the lives of people who are not rich but deserve to be celebrated. As a counterpoint to the rich lists that make headlines like Forbes 100, The Other Hundred explores the lives of people with aspirations and achievements and provide them with the exposure that they deserve. The first edition of this book was featured in over a 100 media outlets that include CNN, BBC and many more. In addition to the inspiring images, the book contains essays from the best writers out there.

The second edition will be launched very soon, it will focus on the theme of entrepreneurs in a sense that it will capture the various ways in which people venture out to create a career for themselves.

The Other Hundred Photo Exhibition is going to be held at East Wing Gallery in DIFC, Dubai on the 16th of September 2014 and will include a press conference and an exhibition launch with two guest speakers.

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