Alnowair, a positive community service initiative in Kuwait, has accomplished a lot in a span of a year. Their biggest event yet is going to take place today, as they are organizing the Middle East’s first conference on positivity titled Think Work Live Positive.

The exciting two-day event will take place at GUST university with seminars, workshops and speakers. Throughout the event, the speakers will share with the audience the benefits of having a positive attitude providing the tools that help you in creating a more positive environment.

The event is two days long, the first day is seminars and a workshop and the second is for two workshops. Dr. Jack Canfield, Dr. Adam Fraser and Prof. Todd Kashdan are going to hold the workshops.

Want to be a positive influencer? Attend the two day conference and workshops and be as positive as you can be!

For more information, visit or call +965-98002077.

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