The Seen is a one of a kind collaboration between clubs at the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait. The Media Club, Mass Communication and Media Department organized a conference that includes outstanding speakers and workshops which revolve around the trends taking place in Kuwait’s visual culture. The three-day conference is going to take place from April 13-17 at GUST. They chose the name The Seen to express how the entrepreneurs will have a chance to be "seen" at this event.

The concept of the conference is that it revolves around the visual culture in Kuwait and how it has been gaining its importance and prominence in Kuwait especially since artists are incorporating various media forms and technologies into their work. The speakers at the event include some of the talented individuals in Kuwait, such as Shamlan Al Bahar, Dr. Naif Al Mutawa, our very own Suad Al Fraih and many more. As for the workshops, several of them will be available for registration online, the workshops include courses of Arabic Graffiti by Yousef Al Saleh and Principals of the Arabic Calligraphy by Jassim Al NasrAllah and many other interesting courses.

For more information regarding the conference and to register for the workshops, visit

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