We're very excited about Behance Riyadh, a meeting that is catered and revolves around local artists and designers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Part of the "Behance" Network- one of the largest nonprofit creative platforms worldwide that aims to showcase the work of creative people around the world- the Behance Riyadh meeting is a global event that happens twice a year, and is organized by a local group of creatives.

It all started two years ago when Behance launched its ‘Behance Portfolio Reviews’ event where artists and designers are gathered to connect with the experienced professionals and local creative community and to showcase their work to them. This meeting is held in more than 70 countries with number of meetings exceeded the 200 events around the world since it started. In it's fourth round, Behance Riyadh, the next meeting is scheduled to take place on November 8th, 2013 in Riyadh, and on November 15th 2013 in Jeddah.

The upcoming Behance Riyadh Meeting will shed light and discuss topics such as Digital Art, Graphic Design, Advertising, Packaging Design, Illustration, Filmmaking, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Photography, Fashion, Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Jewelry Design, Sound Design, Visual Effects, and more. The event is expected to accomadate about 250 visitors on average, and will include 25 speakers from the creative field as well as exhibitors.

Khaleejesque is proud to me one of Behance Riyadh's Media Sponsors. 

Behance Riyadh will take place on Saturday November 8th 2013 at Maison Bo-M Galleries from 4pm-9pm. 

For more information on Behance Riyadh, and other Behance Events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, click here. 




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