You know it's February in Kuwait when you start seeing streets filled with flags, lights, and amazing decorations. As a special way to celebrate Kuwait's National Day Zain, the Kuwaiti leading telecommunications company, presented a memorable show at 360 Mall on Saturday 16th of February.

The stage looked like an old television set and each show highlighted pop culture and historic moments and were acted out in different intervals. The acts takes you back to Kuwait in the 60s, then followed by the 70s and 80s era, and then ended with Kuwait in the 90s.The musical shows started off at 11 am and lasted till 6 pm.

With a little bit of everything special about each era and exciting interactive acts, the show wrapped up with an amazing finale showcasing the Kuwait national and liberation day celebrations.

The fact that Zain didn’t announce this spectacular event made it a pleasant surprise to all the shoppers and visitors of the mall! We would like to applaud Zain for their inspiring creative work, you made kids laugh, parents reminisce, and allowed tourists to know a bit about our culture in this festive month.

– Nehal Hussein




Omar Al-Omar, CEO of Zain Kuwait, with Farah Al-Kandari and Abdullah Al-Falah of Zain's marketing team
Kuwaiti football legend Jassim Yagoub with Abdulmotaleb Nathar of Zain's marketing team
Kuwaiti TV legend Ibrahim Al-Sallal
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