Based in Dubai, Wamli.com is your one-stop shop for quirky online shopping. The most random yet unique products are available with just a click. From tech to toys, funky vases to unusual lamps, Wamli has it all. You can even earn points to redeem later on just by visiting and browsing the site. The website is easy to use and pretty interactive.

Fun and cool gifts for you and your loved ones, Wamli is the perfect destination for furniture, design and pleasurable gifts. All about connecting people and having a whole new experience with one another, Wamli is a shopper's paradise with a little 'geek' thrown in.

CEO of Wamli, Rabih Ghandour says, "The idea of Wamli.com is to combine shopping with a social community and gaming experience. The products are cool and funky – some are quirky things you might not need but will most definitely want. We’ve wrapped that in a cohesive social ecosystem where users earn points whenever they browse, shop, or play."


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