We love stumbling over the most random interesting things online, and so far @khaliji_woes twitter account is one those delightfully hilarious discoveries. We don't know who runs this account, but we'll give him or her credit for creativity and an ingenious  sense of humour.

Easily identifable, with it's Stewie gone Arabic avatar for a profile picture, @khaliji_woes  is a pleasurable break from everyday online tasks. The account is all about "first world problems from our side of the world, the GCC," and pokes fun at many of our most mundane cultural and social traits, happenings as well as mindsets.

Here's a snippet of some of the most recent tongue in cheek tweets:


With an ever growing twitter following, there's no doubt that this is one entertaining account to have on your twitter stream, if only for a hearty chuckle every now and then..

After all, everyone needs to take a break, relax and laugh at themselves once in a while, and we have a feeling, like us, you'll relate to so many of those comical tweets!

Check out the rest of @khaliji_woes  here.

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